Frequently asked questions

My height is 5'9". Is this mat long enough for me?

Yes this mat would be suitable even for someone 6' and still have enough room on the mat to practice the most elongated poses. The total length of this mat is 6 feet.

I have tile floors in my house. Will the mat be slippery?

Having tile floors will not make the mat slippery. In fact the mat will grip better.

Does the mat have any chemical smells?

No, this mat does not have any strong chemical smells. You might notice a faint new smell of the mat but that wears off once you begin to use the mat.

What is the size of your Yoga Towel?

The length is 72 inches and the width is 24 inches.

Are your Yoga Towels microfiber?

No this is not a Microfiber towel. It's 80% polyester and 20% Polyamide. This combination is known for it's high resistance towards abrasion and tearing which makes this towel stronger than a Microfiber towel and provides a great grip when wet.

Microfiber material is actually high maintenance. You should not wash microfiber with other fibers, you can't use hot water with Microfiber since it can damage the product( with Hot yoga you want to wash with hot water for a deep clean so your towel does not smell).

We wanted to provide our customers with a towel that has great grip, can stand up the to the stress put on it by Yoga and package it all with low maintenance to the consumer.